About me?

Over the course of my travels I’ve been a 22/23 year old Aussie girl, relatively recent science grad, sort of solo travelling yet sort of meeting up with friends along the way.

My favourite things I have done have been work exchanges, and learning a language…. and this is what I’ve done:

Spain 2014 (~5 months)

  • Backpacking south & east of Spain; road trip to the North
  • 3 x work exchanges teaching English/cultural exchange/ au-pair in Barcelona (Teia), Madrid and Balaguer.
  • Approximately 8 weeks of intensive or semi-intensive language courses.
  • Volunteer Program with Diverbo
  • A beach holiday

Czech Republic 2014 4  days:

  • City travel to Prague

Austria 2014 2 days:

  • City travel to Vienna

Croatia 2014 1 week:

  • Backpacking/city travel : Split, Trogir, Sibenik

France 2014: 5 weeks total.

  • Mostly backpacking,
  • One Work exchange of 3 weeks,
  • Some Hiking.

Switzerland 2014 3 weeks:

  • mostly hiking & active travel

Portugal 2014 4 weeks

  • City travel
  • Work exchange on an organic farm

England 2014 1 week

  • Visiting friends and family

Scotland 2014/15: 5 weeks

  • Working, minimal travel. (Hogmanay and the occasional castle)

Canada 2015 6 month

  • Working holiday: some active travel and skiing (Current)

America 6 weeks 2015:

  • Road Trip through America (planned)

Home to Aus in August!

Feel free to ask me questiosn!


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