The world is the perfect size to bring us together yet keep us apart

Long-term travel has long been romanticized by the likes of Elite Daily or the average travel blog.

And clearly, I agree. Travel is awesome.

I’m such a curious person and there are always more places to see, more things to learn, more interesting people to meet. I love the perspective travel can give you. However it also breaks my heart and I don’t see travel as the end game or the ultimate lifestyle.

And like any other lifestyle, it comes with both positives and negatives – and these aren’t often shown on the internet.

While in a fit of homesickness, I actually wrote a list of all the negatives or bad things that have happened to me since I’ve been away from home. However I don’t really want to subject anyone to that list in its entirety (especially without the positives), or dissuade anyone.

Instead I really want to share my most favourite, favourite, article about lessons learned from travel. (HERE IT IS).

Why is it my favourite? Because its absolutely real, I can relate to each point and I don’t feel that it is try to ‘sell travel’ to it’s audience.


In a nutshell this guy, Mark Manson, travelled the world for five years and writes of the following five life lessons gained.

  1. Happiness is common – Human Dignity is not.
  2. Travel gives you a perspective on life, but limits your ability to commit to things.
  3. The best part of the culture/country is also usually the worst (Side note: Although not the point, I read that Spanish food is responsible for most cases of food poisoning in tourists not India!
  4. 4. The majority of the planet doesn’t care what you say or do (so just be who you are)
  5. 5. The more you travel the more you lose sight of who you are.

But please read the article! Mark Manson is much more eloquent, articulate and insightful than I am, and those points will make a lot more sense on his site.

2. Is the worst, yet the best.

I feel like I’m a tourist, transient in other peoples lives – getting to view theirs without really building my own. I love to get to know interesting people well, but conversely what I hate the most in the world are goodbyes.

I’m at a stage where I want to start working towards things, and building a life other people would be interested in. However I still want to see the world, and I’m both scared of the temporary and the permanent. I’m still torn – I’m trying to decide whether to go to Argentina and teach English or stay home and get a permanent job.

Anyway. I’m not sure what the point is. In my opinion travel isn’t the utopia, or end goal. Yet it is by all means fun, rewarding and educational (woohoo I feel educational is a cool word)

Despite this you may have to say goodbyes you dont want to say, or go to the dentist, miss more than one place at the same time, be unable to fully support friends/family or worry about money. Im not saying don’t do it – just don’t expect perfection.


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