Spanish 101 for Guiris (From the Guiri Perspective)

Essential Spanish 101 aka Spanish from the Guiri perspective

Interesting Words/Phrases (literal translations in brackets if I know them Additional Spanish in Italics)

Friolera/o: A person who is always cold. Yes, there is a word for that. Amazing! A word that describes me! A person who is always hot is Calentita

Cono: It means pussy.. or ‘cunt’… however the meaning is far less rude than in English. They use it how we use fuck… not literally… just all the time. Its much less rude then c***

Que Cono! Joder!

Me cago en la leche. (I shit in the milk) Yup. If a Spanish person says this they are PISSED OFF. There is also ‘me cago en todo’ (I shit on everything)

La pera, la leche. (The pear, the milk) Basically this means something is THE shit. (But not just shit). ‘Eres la pera‘ (you are the pear)

La mierda de vida: (The shit of life.) AKA fuck my life.

Cutre: Encompasses the meanings of ‘shitty’, ’seedy’ and ‘dodgy’. A bar can be cutre, as can a road, or a person! You can basically use this word for anything… bad.(English doesn’t work quite the same way – a road can’t be ‘seedy’)

Culo: (Ass) The Spanish looove talking about asses. This includes the ass of the milk, the the bread, and other things. Basically it means the ‘end’, the ‘last’ piece. Quieres el culo? (Do you want the end/ass?)

However Toma por culo (take it up the ass) is a common Spanish insult.

Tienes un culo gordo!

La Verguenza: (the embarrassment) In a land of tapas, there is always the ‘last piece’ and this is called ‘la verguenza’ or in English… the shame/embarrassment…

Quieres la verguenza? (Do you want the shame?) 

Foca: (seal) I’m not sure whether this is commonly used in Spain or just among my group. But they use it the same way we use pig. FATTY.

Desaparecida/o: (‘Disappeared’ person) I like how we don’t have a word for this. Aka me when I lock my phone in a room and don’t reply to messages for a week.

Pirulo: Thingymajig according to wordreference 😛 Basically a word for when you don’t know the word.

The things I said all the time:

No entiendo (I don’t understand) Also no te entiendo, no lo entiendo

Que!? (What!?) / general exclamation/surprise/ couldn’t understand

Mi espanol es malo (My Spanish is bad)

No se…. Quizas … (I don’t know… maybe) The answer of a indecisive person (or someone who thinks about their actions)

Holaaaa (Hey!)

No pasa nada (Nothing happens) I’m not sure about this translation. Used like No worries!

De Nada (‘of nothing’) i.e. ‘You’re Welcome’

Que Asco! (How disgusting)

Ya lo se (I already know that!) haha I’m so rude

Que Pasa? (Whats up/Whats happened?)

Que tal?  (How are you/ How is… X)

Tengo que… (I have to)

Gracias (Thanks)

Quiero X (I want X)

Tengo hambre (I’m hungry)

Tengo frio (I’m cold)

Al menos (At least) I’m more optimistic than I thought

Lo siento (I’m sorry) I’m western and I have to apologize for everything.

No me gusta el tiempo pasado (I don’t like the past tense)

Did I leave out any interesting phrases?


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