My Valentine’s to Everyone

So I’m single on Valentines day. Whatever.

Today I was walking along the street ruminating this when I began to think about all the people that have been in my life this past year. And you know what, people are fucking awesome. So heres to my homies at home, the people I’ve met for a short while, and the people I’ve forged deep friendships with.


  • Your fascination and excitement with novelty and the entire world

  • Making me laugh every time I see you

  • Listening without judgement

  • Seeing though peoples bullshit

  • Your enthusiasm for life

  • Challenging my perception of the world and my place in it

  • Your open mind

  • Your determination despite adversity

  • Supporting me

  • Your self-confidence, and your determination to improve other’s confidence

  • Your kindness, which you do not draw attention to.

  • Your complete fucking weirdness and resultant hilarious stories

  • Making me laugh at myself. Uncontrollably

  • Your unconventional ideas

  • Exploring places with me

  • The strangest hypothetical & philisophical discussions (both at home at away!)

  • Your quiet braveness in what you say and what you do

  • Acting like an idiot with me

  • Introducing me to your culture (in ways you don’t quite realise)

  • Your unique and interesting perspectives

Hugs. I miss everybody in all their places.


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