Spain is a really interesting place to travel in because it really has it all. The big cities, the smaller tourist-filled beautiful towns, smaller towns which aren’t tourist-filled but at least as beautiful, beaches and amazing natural landscapes. People think it is dry, but really, Spain is just schizophrenic with its beautiful greenery, mountains, and… dry areas.

Segovia is one of those beautiful yet tourist filled towns which also manages to remind me of a Disney movie. I went there on a day-trip with my Workaway family, who were nice enough to take me there. I had a great time, and it has actually been one of the favourite places I have visited.

Copyright 2015

The trip also reignited my forgotten love for alleyways. It’s lovely to look down tiny, ‘stony’ alleyways, to see beautiful scenery in the distance. However it doesn’t quite look as nice on camera.

We arrived and parked some distance, walked into town and then had a look at it’s famous aqueduct. IMG_4545

We had left quite late so it was already time for lunch. Everything on the main strip seemed to cost a bucket load; however a ‘promoter’ told us we’d be able to order a tapas menu, rather than an expensive set menu. We proceeded to sit down, and complimentary bread and some sort of tapa was brought to our table. However after further conversation with the waiter, it was revealed that it was all la hoax and we could only order from the set menu! Mouths ‘a-watering’ , we up and left the complimentary food and fled to a cheap, ‘cutre’ bar. However the company is what matters! (and the food wasn’t too bad after all… although the salchichon wasn’t up to scratch!)

We then proceeded to walk around Segovia and see the castle. A beautiful city.IMG_4582

On the car trip back to Madrid, we discussed various stories (including pieces of people left on roads…) and I was taught some Spanish phrases.  Which was hilarious because I am muy guiri and I knew even less Spanish back then.

“Que pasa Tomasa…

no hay nadie en casa”

Whats up Tomasa? There isn’t anyone home 😉


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