Teaching English

Helping people with English made me realise just how well I can know something, yet still be unable to articulate it. (For example: You can use this word here, here and here, but not there. Why? I don’t know)

General confusion
Semantics…. general confusion

The following are examples of a few of the questions (of 1000s!) I’ve been asked while helping people with their English

  • What is the difference between hardly, barely, hardly ever?

  • What is the difference is between realize and notice?

  • What is the difference between being seductive and making an advance?

  • What does ‘dodgy’ means?

  • Whether to use dodgy or seedy or ‘shitty’?

  • Can you teach me phrasal verbs?

  • When to use in and on i.e. why is something on a wall, but not in a wall? But why can you be on an airplane when you’re inside it?

  • What ‘kinda’ means? (kind of like = kinda like hahaha)

  • What is ‘tema’ in English? (subject)

I have explained:

  • The difference between shade and shadow

  • What the ‘crust’ of bread is. (My friend ‘understood’ this as crap)

  • What ‘hangry’ is

  • The difference between something being ‘shit’ and ‘the shit’

  • Puns: what they are (juegos de palabras), as well as actual puns.

  • What the word ‘pat’ means

  • All the meanings of the word ‘tip’ (I came up with 5 or 6, see what you can do)

  • Made fun of the Spanish (and other Hispanics) for being unable to distinguish between: beach & bitch, chip & cheap, ship & sheep, heap and hip etc.)

  • That you explain, say and reply TO people, although you only have to tell people

Yep. English is weird, and hard to explain. However I can now make an attempt at explaining most of these things.


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